Video Chats


  1. This sounds like a tear-jerker to me! Don't get me wrong - I love a good tear-jerker especially if it ends up making you feel better at the end! I hope you make it to your goal, Shemar! I am on disability for chronic migraines or I would give these other baby girls a run! I would want to spend a day observing filming of Criminal Minds - you, Matthew and the "Italian Stallion"! LOL You are all the best! I started watching the show last year when I was in LA getting treatment for my migraines at Cedars-Sinai. I live in Virginia. or @kidsdocjean

  2. I'm tried to the video of Shemar's chat from last night it didn't working! Oh Snapp couldn't get on live chat last night now I can't see the video! I'm Not blaming the Bounce Back Team you guys are great:) I'm blaming the speecast! One of your Backers Lesapril

  3. Back from vacations without internet I can see the great chat. Thank Shemar and Erica for the good moment. Lady just one thing give money to know Shermar fantaisy it's just a non sense, he has is private life and even if we love him the is the kind of question we don't have any right to ask.

    Shermar you are cute, and I love the way your talking about the wife of your life. If you'r acting this way in real life you'll find her, because a woman just wants real love, so good luck for the film of cause but wish you to meet your princess.

    Farida from Paris