Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update About Contest

Although Shantle is still leading the pack (BY A MILE) with referrals, there are a few other backers who are leading with FUNDS GENERATED from their referrals. That counts this time. Remember, even if you only click to refer to your friends a few times, if ONE of those friends supports the movie with a large amount, you move to the top of the list. All it takes is one generous friend!

At the end of the day tomorrow we will announce the WINNER OF THE PHONE CALL.

Here are the top 8 as it stands today:

1) Adrian Corday
2) KhJorth
3) Lisa Beddia
4) Teresa Preston
5) Leslie Madonna
6) Jessie Radford
7) Kimberley Blais
8) Rose Sheehan

It's a tight race, Everyone! Let's keep it going!


  1. # 3 , # 5 # 7 & # 8 are all BGSSW!! Too bad we couldn't get a group call w/ Shemar...Wishful Thinking ;-)

  2. for sure id love to meet SHEMAR...xoxoxo

  3. and #6 (ME) is the Australian cousin of BGSSW hehe