Thursday, July 4, 2013

$4 Pledge Day!

Happy 4th of JULY everyone!!!

Hopefully everyone is out celebrating FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE with Hot Dogs and Fireworks!
One of the Bounce Back’s LOYAL backers, Thee Sharp, had a great idea.

Thee Sharp said 12 minutes ago
Just gave my $4….who’s next?

Thee Sharp said 18 minutes ago
Hi All Funders, How about we all pledge an additional $4 since its the 4th. Then come back & shout it out. Whatcha think?

Thanks Thee! I love all of your suggestions! You all are what keeps the campaign going!

Teamwork makes the Dreamworks!



  1. Great idea Thee! Gave my $4 :) Let's keep the momentum going baby girls!

  2. Great! I pledged my $4....I akso pledge $50 a while back. Supporting our baby boy

  3. I just pledge $10 for Today's Pledge Day.... Nothing, But LOVE for Shemar,... HUGS&KISSES (K..I..S..S..)

  4. I gave $4 too, Shemar's smile is like fireworks for the heart!!

  5. I will pledge $4 to The Bounce Back for every person that purchases a shirt today Let the challenge begin! ��