Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Time to Get Serious: Shemar Needs Your Help.

Ok, fans, it’s time to get serious. This whole experience on Indiegogo has been amazing for me. The love and the support has really wowed me, but now we are entering the home stretch. We’ve been having a lot of fun because you know that’s what I’m about, but its time to get to work.
We are only half way to our goal and have 19 days left. It’s crunch time. My staff and I are discussing how we are going to change up the perks and really motivate you, your family, your friends and all fans to help us out. Since we are limited on how many perks we can offer on Indiegogo, some of the perks you see listed will be removed (so if you want one buy it before it’s gone). They will be replaced with new perks that we think you might like. These perks will be more affordable but that means we need to sell more of them to make our goal. We need your help. You’ve been great at bouncin’ and spreading the love and now we need you to do it again.
It’s time to make the ‘dream work’! I can’t do it without you.


  1. You can Count me in Sweetie,.... Shemar, You know that I always will have your back,.... and I will support you on what ever I can :)

  2. Me too Shemar. I don't need a perk, I just want to see this movie made. I will do whatever I can to get the word out. Thanks for being so kind to your fans. Luv ya:)

  3. Ericka, I don't suppose having a $1 bounceback ballot perk (advertised on twitter and facebook) which would give the backer a ballot for a big Shemar constest (perhaps with grand prize video chat and 10 merchandise prizes etc). People could buy as many $1 ballots as they wanted and he could do the prize draws live on a video to make it more exciting?