Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Update from Shemar

Hey everyone!
I’m overwhelmed with the response to last night’s Twitter party. 6,261,078 impressions world wide and 12,303 Tweets in one hour! We were a top trending topic in the US and WorldWide on Twitter. I could never have imagined a show of affection that large and intense. I’m still going through the tweets from last night and feel humbled (and a little excited by all of your enthusiasm!) I am thrilled to be joining you on Sunday evening for some more fun and flirting.
Our number on Indiegogo continues to climb thanks to all of you, but we still have a lot of work to do. I’m out right now working hard to find support for our film and continue to need you to do what you’ve been doing. Spread the word, claim some perks for yourself and a friend, tell us what more you think we can offer (within reason). I value your opinion as my loyal fans and I know this film has become a true labor of love for you as well.
Thank you for your support and for loving your baby boy! I can’t thank you enough (although I will continue to try).


  1. awwwww Sugar, you know you are the Best,.... We, (Your Baby Girls) would do anything for our number 1 Baby Boy.... The Twitter Party was Awesome,... and, Im looking foward to another Twitter Party,... with you as our Guest of Honor ;) Sending you lots of LOVE :) (K..I..S..S..) <3 Keepin'.. It.. Silly.. & Sexy..

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  3. Shemar, such a sweet note. So glad that you are feeling appreciated and loved. Keep letting us know if you think of new outreach strategies and we'll keep dreaming up great new perks.