Monday, July 29, 2013

New Goals, New Perks!

We have passed our STRETCH GOAL! We have raised over $600K and we have you to thank! Your continued support and dedication has made this dream possible.

I say we shoot for the moon and make $700K this week! Let’s show the world we believe in this film!

These are the new perks that were added today:

$15 Workout Waterbottle
Get your very own limited edition water bottle used by the Bounce Back cast and crew while staying in shape during production. Own your very own for a $15 contribution. Email updates included.

$200       Bounce Back Memory Book
This has been a crazy and beautiful adventure! In an effort to preserve the love and memory of all the hard work from all of the fans world-wide, we are offering you a Bounce Back Memory Book! Similar to a yearbook, it will list all of the donors, have exclusive photos, behind the scenes pictures and much more. We will photograph this journey from beginning to end and chronicle memories that will last a lifetime.  For an ADDITIONAL $50, the cast will sign your yearbook! Add it to your payment under this perk and we will make sure your first signatures are theirs! These will also be ready in time for the premiere so you can collect dedications and signatures from all your new friends on this project (and other celebrities).  It will be a keepsake you'll cherish forever!
 Please add $10 for shipping in US and $20 for shipping internationally. 

Because limits the amount of perks we can put online, the pool party will be handled differently. You can contribute $250 with no perk chosen on Indiegogo. Then leave a comment explaining that your payment is for the pool party. We will put your name on the list and send you confirmation after the campaign.

$250 Private Party with Shemar
How about a pool party in the beautiful Southern California sun? Join us for a celebration of this amazing adventure with a pool party hosted by Shemar and his team. Times will coincide with another backer event for limited travel. (No travel is provided)

Let's get out there and spread the word and bring this project home! 


  1. I know it's a bit late. I almost wished I would have waited to make one of my contributions just so I could have gotten the 10 buck perk. But I suppose that is what it is. Good look Shemar. Praying for your mom.

  2. Hi there - I just wondered, is the 'Private Party with Shemar' above an extension of the previous 'Pool Party' perk offered last week (which I have pledged on) or is this a seperate perk? Many thanks and I look forward to your reply :-)

  3. hi erica you okay? you think there will still be a twitter party or a video chat before the bounce back adventure ends with shemar to talk about after the film project or just have a good time together. for the project I'm trying to organize a concert in my free area in return give people what they want for the project, I'll try even though time is running out, if I would find another way, good luck to you and the team of friendship to France soon sophie fabbri

  4. Maxine- same one. Thanks I have you on the list.

  5. I pledged $50.00 for a personalized autograph from Shemar but it did not have a place to put down what I wanted. Help?
    Victoria C.

  6. I pledged in 2013...and I never received my perk..i'm actually a bit disappointed, since i already send a mail and never recieved an answer....