Monday, July 1, 2013

Twitter Party Tomorrow July 2 6pm PST/9pm EST

Tomorrow we host of first ever Shemar Moore / The Bounce Back Twitter party. Being part of a 'twitter party' might be a new thing for some of you, so I thought I would give you an explanation on what to expect.

1) First of all, at every twitter party there is a hashtag. A hashtag is a description of why we are together and is picked by the party host (me). Every time you tweet as part of our party, your tweet has to have the chosen hashtag. Please only include our hashtag and no additional hashtags as it sends up a warning flare to Twitter and we want to play by the rules. The hashtag for this Twitter party is:   #ShemarMoore
An example tweet for the party would be: "Having fun meeting all the #ShemarMoore fans at this twitter party!" - You can say anything to the crowd at the party but they can only 'see' your tweets if you remember to use the #ShemarMoore hashtag so don't forget. We don't want to lose you in the crowd.

2) On the top of your screen on Twitter, there is a "Search" box. To join our party type #ShemarMoore in that search box. It will show you everyone that is already at the Twitter party and list all of their tweets. Now, a Twitter party as large as we expect this one to be will be like being in a very crowded night club. You will have to keep up, dance through the crowd, be loud and always use the hashtag #ShemarMoore (and no other). Refresh the screen often and read what everyone else has to say. Get to know each other. Tell people about you and your love for #ShemarMoore!

3) Every party has a host. That would be me (Erica) on the @BounceBackFilm twitter account. When you see our tweets, pay close attention because I will be running the party games! Games are important because there will be prizes. We can't all play Twister at this party because we are in the cyber world, but there will be trivia questions about #ShemarMoore, there will be random drawings and fun games like that. Be alert, pay attention and make sure you are refreshing your screen often.

4) Did someone say prizes?! Yes, I did! We will be giving away autograph pictures, t-shirts, baby girl gear....Folks, I have the keys to the giveaway closet and I'm gonna be in a giving mood (AND I have access to Shemar) so there WILL BE surprise giveaways. Don't miss it!

5) The party will be 60 minutes long. That's the formal affair. Those that want to stay around and keep the party going are welcome to do so. Just keep using the #ShemarMoore hashtag and the 'room' is yours.

6) Here's the grand prize. The part you were waiting for. If we trend worldwide (meaning if Twitter says on their side bar that #ShemarMoore is one of their top ten topics in the world during our party), then we will celebrate with a grand prize. FIVE lucky winners will receive a photograph of Shemar reading your tweets online at my computer during our party with him this weekend. I will make sure your screen name and twitter page come out in the photo and I will personally send it to each winner. In other words, if you twitter name is @BabyGirlNumber1, I will take a picture of Shemar pointing to your twitter page online so you can show the world that Shemar saw your love messages to him! You can hang it on your wall and tell the world you are his Online Baby Girl! The winners will be chosen at random IF AND AFTER we get Twitter to notice us and our love for #ShemarMoore. The trick is to tweet using the #ShemarMoore hashtag (and no other) as much and as often as you can during our party.

Anyone have any questions? If so, leave me a comment and I'll make sure and answer all your questions before tomorrow night's fun.

Tomorrow night will be a blast! Hope to see you there.


  1. Wow, Im sure it will be a krazy but Wonderful party.... But sadly I wont be able to attend this wild party.... 'cause I dont have a twitter account.... I deleted mine loong time ago... uuuu tooo bad... :( But I really hope all you guys have a Wonderful and fun party.... :/

  2. Will there be an open bar, or is this BYOB?

    I'm bringing a tray of cheese and pepperoni. What's everyone else bringing?

  3. Can't wait loved the last video chat. I'm sure this will be just as fun see you tomorrow.

  4. How should we prepare? Will there be trivia, do we get to ask questions, etc?

    Is it possible to 'spam' twitter and get in trouble? I don't usually post several times in an hour, so I don't know if over-posting will get my twitter account in trouble.

    If we win something signed, can we ask for it to be addressed to someone else? I really like Shemar Moore, but my mom is a bigger fan (after all, she did put his picture on her wall of hunks...) though she does not use twitter and if I win I'd like to surprise her with the prize (I know I'm not statistically likely to win, but I can dream!)


    1. Hi Crystle, as far as twitter goes, they will put you in twitter jail (aka, freeze you from sending tweets for a period of time) if you tweet TOO much in an hour...I believe the limit is 40 tweets. It won't get you in big trouble, you just will be frozen for a little. I hope that helps!

    2. As long as you only use one hashtag (#) you won't get in trouble. Twitter understands Twitter parties. They are very common. If you win something, I will have it addresses to anyone you want. :)

  5. It is going to be amazing. I cant wait.

  6. I can't wait for this!!!!

  7. Great party Erica, thank u for hosting. I hope Shemar has a good laugh when he reads my tweet...I'm still smh. See u "soon"

  8. Erica, it says on here that FIVE winners would be chosen for the grand prize, but you only chose one. Will you be picking 4 MOORE? #wishfulthinking :-)

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  10. I created a twitter account, especially 'cause of this Twitter Party.... Had an Awesome time,... Thank You So Much, Erica for the Party,... Had a Wonderful Time,.... We should do this more often,.....

  11. I had a great time as well. Sent my son to my brothers so there would be no interruptions:)Let's do it again real soon:)