Friday, July 5, 2013

Twitter Party, Shemar and New Challenges!

Good Morning!
Since Thee Sharp’s great idea to start a $4.00 for the 4th pledge challenge, 59 people backed The Bounce Back Movie project! Thanks again Thee!! We are almost HALF WAY to our goal!!!
My team and I are talking about new perks and fun challenges as we move forward into the weekend so whether your back at your desk today or still enjoying your holiday, keep spreading the word about the film.
Trust me when I say your efforts in helping us spread the word definitely don’t go unnoticed. We appreciate every pledge, every time you click to “share,” every facebook comment, tweet and every acknowledgment here on! I know that, together, with all you, we can get there!
Don’t forget this Sunday I’ll be hosting our “ANYTHING GOES” Twitter Party!

There you have it, everyone!  Thee really raised the bar and came up with a great idea for the 4th of July challenge. Following her example, we (Shemar's team) issued a challenge of our own.

This Sunday at 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST, Shemar will be joining us LIVE on Twitter for a one hour chat! So many of you have been requesting that he film a video message that it gave me an idea! If by Sunday, you can help us raise HALF of our goal ($250K) then I will personally record you a video thank you from Shemar this Sunday. If by Sunday, you can help us get to $300K, I will schedule a LIVE video chat with Shemar in the VERY NEAR future!

Can we do it? I know we can if we continue to spread the word and give what we can. The $4 promotion was a wonderful way for us to show extra love yesterday. How about $5 today? Any little bit helps us get closer to making this movie (and making history). Let's do it together!


  1. the site wont let me join :( it always says theres an error & it cannot process my request

  2. I had that too Casey (for about a week). I hope you manage to figure it out. This is a really fun team :-)

  3. Casey dont worry about the error,... the same thing always happens to me,... just ignore it,...

    and, to Shemar and his Team:,.... Ill do my very Best to achieve the 250K or 300K goal by keep spreading the word 'bout The Bounce Back

  4. Erica! ready the video camera! We just blasted right by 250,000. Woohoo!

  5. thanks!!! ill keep trying every chance I get :))

  6. thanks!!! ill keep trying every chance I get :))