Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Name Your Perk Party This Friday!

"NAME YOUR PERK" PARTY with SHEMAR for The Bounce Back Film Indiegogo Campaign!
Video chat online

Friday, July 26, 2013
4:00pm PST
7:00pm EST

23:00 GMT

Submit a perk idea and a pledge via email at BBNameYourPerk@gmail.com

For example, "I will pledge $2000 for a professional photo shoot with Shemar". We will collect all the pledges and sort through the ones that are possible. If Shemar accepts or we can confirm your perk, you will be told LIVE on the air during the Video-a-thon (and notified via email). To secure your perk, you must pay your contribution online on Indiegogo DURING the Video-a-thon. Once receipt of your pledge is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation that you have secured your perk!

Certain rules do apply. We ask that you keep it clean and respectful. You must provide your own travel to any event. Your perk should focus on The Bounce Back, it's cast or production since ultimately they are the only things we can commit to with any authority. Any requests for Criminal Minds perks, celebrity friend perks or anything of the like, will only be considered when feasible. 

Examples of perk:

I pledge $400 for a pool party with Shemar.
I pledge $100 for an autograph picture of ____(friend of Shemar)___.
I pledge $1000 for an afternoon on the set of Criminal Minds.
I pledge $100 for an autographed script from The Bounce Back cast.

(The above are just examples to give you an idea of how to request a perk. You can come up with any crazy idea of you own!)

The online address will be announced tomorrow, along with details on how we are going to run the video shout outs. More coming soon!


  1. Oooh sounds fun. People willhave a chance to try for perks they've wanted to see but haven't been offered during the campaign.
    Is the team open to merchandise perk proposals too? For those wanting a combination of things that hasn't been offered?

    For example: I pledge $100 for two watches and a hat?

  2. I'll pledge $20 for an outgoing message on my phone such...this is shemar Moore you have reach Roni my #baby girl leave a message after the peep.

  3. Hi Guys, I have a great group perk idea for #NameYourPerk. Need 10ppl together, $50 each. Timing would be along with Private screening. Pls message me for details here or on twitter @KingaIzabella if you’re interested. Still 4 days to make it happen! Izzy

  4. I tried sending a an idea but the email keeps kicking back so I am not sure if it went through. I just found out I can't attend the party, work conflict, so if my idea was approved, would I get notice so I could buy it? Please advise. Thanks

  5. love the outgoing message idea, so awesome!! I would buy that one too. LOL

  6. You can try sending it again or leave the idea here. The email is BBNameYourPerk@gmail.com


  7. Cody, i had same prob...email address was not correct in email update...

  8. I hope I can get on the live chat party tomorrow I tried last time wouldn't work I was mad!

  9. I contributed $250.00 for a pool party.

  10. I contributed $250.00 for the pool party.

  11. I contributed $250.00 for a phone call from Shemar.

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  13. I would like to pledge 20 dollars for a Congraulations Message from Shemar for a special event that we have such as getting acknowledged by school or work, Finishing up our classes for our semester at school.

  14. I pledged 5 times, I got a Twitter perk, I wish I could pledge more money but it add up real fast!

  15. I contributed for the phone call from Shemar :-)